No Two Are Alike

While my grandfather, dad and myself have many characteristics in common we have all had a different life experience. notice who might be more sensitive to sunlight?  I have blue eyes while Frank and Sonny both have brown eyes. So in more ways than one we see the world differently.


During the fall and when my real estate schedule allows I love to take in a fall college football game at my alma mater The University of Georgia. I usually attend the games with my dad who is also a UGA alumnus. A couple of years ago he took up permanent residence at the lake so about half of the time I drive up and meet him in Athens to go the games. In this particular instance I was a little more anxious to get there before the game and I arrived an hour or two before he got there.

With a couple hours to burn before game time I wandered around the campus reminiscing of past good times and watching others do likewise. This was, after all the homecoming game. Being 34 years old and it had been more than a decade since I squeaked through my last calculus class and was awarded a degree in economics ( but only after paying for the various parking tickets I had accumulated ). There were many there who were just like me. Young professional alumni for whom it seemed like just yesterday they were roaming the streets of Athens having the best of times. Looking around I saw many folks younger and many older. The current students many of whom were still enjoying their newfound freedoms. Some carried plastic bags full of beer, you know because how would you keep up with a cooler during the game? I saw older men being pushed into the gate in wheelchairs, maybe they were remembering when they were young but also wondering how many more afternoons like this would they get to enjoy? Walking past the bookstore pavilion I happened to spot a former all-american quarterback, now in his mid 40’s and a part of the broadcast team. Once a big man on campus he now moved quickly through the crowd unnoticed perhaps by anyone except the astute observer.

As I walked toward the gate to meet my dad a thought crossed my mind. Here were all of these folks here for a common event, many with shared backgrounds and interests. Each person I saw was experiencing this day just slightly differently from even those closest to them. I thought about my best friends and family those with whom I have the most in common and then thought about the different choices we had all made. This life, these experiences are completely unique to ourselves. Our lives are the sum of not only our life experiences but also of the choices we make big or small. One of the biggest choices a person will make is where to live.

Choosing a home is a complicated decision. No two properties are truly alike. Even when considering two houses next door to one another there are subtle differences. The slope of the driveway, the angle at which the sun hits the windows, the volume of sound from nearby railroad tracks. Forming lasting relationships with my clients as a real estate consultant is my goal. I encourage my clients to consider every side of a purchase. How far is the commute? Is their a grocer nearby? Those minutes add up over the course of the weeks, the months, the years. How long will you live there? Do you need room to grow your family? Do you really need this much space?

Life is about choices and few will impact your life more than where you choose to live.   By helping you define your goals I can help you  remove doubts and prepare you to make a confident and informed decision that will help you to live your best life.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday and a wonderful beginning to 2017 which I hope is your best year yet.  I am thankful for time spent with all of you in 2016! I hope you enjoyed 2016 as much as I did even though I know you saw it a little bit differently!



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